Let’s Honor Our Vets!!

With the weekend here we will have three days full of speeches, parades,college football coaches donning fatigues, and don”t forget the time honored tradition of the Macy”s  Veteran”s Day Mattress Sale! All of this to celebrate the U.S. Vet. Not to be blowing my horn at this time but I can be counted as one of those vets . Proudly serving this country from 1981-89. Of course this was done during peacetime so I didn’t have to face the challenges faced in Iraq and Afghanistan .But with that said come this Monday will be the Federal reconized holiday to pay tribute to the American solider, sailor, marine, and airman.But come this Monday this is how we will be honored . We will get up to go to work, our trash won”t be delivered, and our mail won’t be delivered.That”s all made possible by our government because only city, stae, federal employees get that day off. Is that how we truly want to celebrate our veterans. I say no! I”m here to make a suggestion how to truly honor our heroes. First look at the National Day of Giving and corporation sponored days of giving. This to be commended , but also makes great P.R. for the Lowes, Home Depot, and the Best Buys of the world. Secondly , the tragic of  9/11. This a day that will never be forgotten and will be a part of our American DNA. I believe sooner or alter this will also be made into a national holiday. And third our national elections. Every four years we hear how voter turn out is low. And this a right that we enjoy because of those sacfrices our fallen Americans  So I have an idea We roll all these days into one day of National Giving and Remberance. We designate the first Monday in November for this great day. Every four years we would still go to the polls and vote . Afer which yuou would give three to four hours of there time painting a house, cleaning up a park,or what ever activitiy you had volunteered to do . The polls would open up early so you would have a full day to achieve this. After which you would be able to spend the rest of the day with your familyand truly reflect. This will be achieved by all schools being closed, all employees being off with a day of pay. Not just a day off for government workers. It will truly be an American Day. It will take an act of Congress to achieve this loftly goal. But it can aand should be doneBut until then I willbe spending my Vetetran”s Day at work!!. 

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America’s Early Christmas Present to Itself!!!

As you all know I intended this blog to heavily lean towards the world of sports, but today I’m writing about something of greater importance for us all.The presidential election this coming Nov. 6th is going to be important to the future of us all , including our kids and grandkids. As children this time of year we always started to share our ideas of what we would want for Christmas. Even after I finish this blog my granddaughter and I are going to work on her Christmas list.If we did not put it on paper we would always have a few ideas in our head in case we were asked  But the real fun was as Christmas approached with the excitement and the anticipation of opening of the gifts Christmas Day. Which would always lead to the ultimate request of being able to open a gift early! Well citizens of the United States this is your chance to give all yourselves early Christmas gifts  this Nov. 6th by re-electing Barrack Obama, President of the United States. This President has in the last four years has lead this nation out of it”s greatest financial difficulties since the Great Depression.After eight years of foreign policy follies of George W. Bush , we have ended one war and are finishing up our involvement in another. The world once again looks to the United Staes to lead. It has opened an era of cooperation in dealing with the problem that nations face together , not the cowboy way of the Bush/Cheney years. But leaving all the political mud throwing behind. I want to be able to live in a nation where my mother, wife , and now my oldest daughter can believe that with a littlehard work   and the opportunity to go to college would open doors to their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families. Think long and hard because only Barrack Obama truly shares those hopes with you. We as a people tried the trickle down theory over 30 years ago and it didn’t work then and it won’t work now. We do not need to rehash the Coolidge/ Harding/ Reagan/ Bush economic policies of the past. Mitt Romney  boasts his achievements as governor of Massachusetts , it’s funny if he did such a great job then why won’t he carry the state on Election Day? Every four years we always hear how important the election is to us, will the experts got it right this time. We as a people will see our hopes and dreams with Barrack Obama. Romney boasts of being a creator of jobs. This is a man while at the head of Bain , bought companies , closed factory doors, sold off there assets , and laid people off from there jobs, and had those jobs sent overseas. The only thing he ever really created was huge profits for investors at Bain. But that”s ok because that’s what businessmen are suppose to do make a profit. But don’t be fooled by the BS that Romney is trying to sell us America.  So please America all I can say let”s all open one big Christmas present together and on Nov. 6th re-elect Barrack Obama President! Thanks.Due to difficulities I was unable to post this before the election. So God bless you and God Bless America!!!

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Coach Snyder

It seems just like yesterday I was at the 2008 Big Championship game being played at Arrowhead Stadium in K.C., between the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the Tigers of Missouri. As I ventured  out of the cold it was to my luck I entered the Legends of the Game tent.It featured former Big 8 and Big 12 personalities that were being interviewed and then sitting at the table  and signing autographs.As I looked around the tent and to my surprise over in the corner standing alone one of the great coaches of our time, Coach Bill Snyder .The man who who turned around the football program at K-State. In a span of just a decade this man hand almost single-handly took this program that was a laughingstock to national contender. At this period in the Coach’s life he had just agreed to come back once again take the reins  of the program. If KSU fans at this time were wondering if Coach Snyder had it in him to perform his magic one more time.The”Master of Manhattan ” surly had too. So I walked over  and extended my hand out to shake his all I could think to say was “thank goodness your back and good luck”. The Coach reply was “thanks for the support ” and walked away. So fast forwarding to the weekend of October 20th as so called sports experts predicted that KSU football team’s dreams of an undefeated season would come crashing down in Morganstown at the hands of the Mountianeers. All I can say to them is you can kiss “The Little Apple’s “ass! Because even with games remaining with Texas Tech, Oklahoma State , and Texas. This KSU team has to be regarded as  Coach Synder”s best work in Manhattan. Because Monday when the polls come out  KSU will once again be in the National Championship conversation ; with  QB Collin Klein as a legitimate Heisman Trophy contender for good measure!  KSU fans in there wildset dreams could ever imagine  such a season. How fitting would it be for Coach Bill Snyder to deliver both. KSU fans know that Coach Snydrer the teacher , family man, and just a great person will not always be on those sidelines on Saturday afternoons. So if KSU is able to win these next games and go undefeated . Hats off to you Coach Snyder.

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