Coach Snyder

It seems just like yesterday I was at the 2008 Big Championship game being played at Arrowhead Stadium in K.C., between the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the Tigers of Missouri. As I ventured  out of the cold it was to my luck I entered the Legends of the Game tent.It featured former Big 8 and Big 12 personalities that were being interviewed and then sitting at the table  and signing autographs.As I looked around the tent and to my surprise over in the corner standing alone one of the great coaches of our time, Coach Bill Snyder .The man who who turned around the football program at K-State. In a span of just a decade this man hand almost single-handly took this program that was a laughingstock to national contender. At this period in the Coach’s life he had just agreed to come back once again take the reins  of the program. If KSU fans at this time were wondering if Coach Snyder had it in him to perform his magic one more time.The”Master of Manhattan ” surly had too. So I walked over  and extended my hand out to shake his all I could think to say was “thank goodness your back and good luck”. The Coach reply was “thanks for the support ” and walked away. So fast forwarding to the weekend of October 20th as so called sports experts predicted that KSU football team’s dreams of an undefeated season would come crashing down in Morganstown at the hands of the Mountianeers. All I can say to them is you can kiss “The Little Apple’s “ass! Because even with games remaining with Texas Tech, Oklahoma State , and Texas. This KSU team has to be regarded as  Coach Synder”s best work in Manhattan. Because Monday when the polls come out  KSU will once again be in the National Championship conversation ; with  QB Collin Klein as a legitimate Heisman Trophy contender for good measure!  KSU fans in there wildset dreams could ever imagine  such a season. How fitting would it be for Coach Bill Snyder to deliver both. KSU fans know that Coach Snydrer the teacher , family man, and just a great person will not always be on those sidelines on Saturday afternoons. So if KSU is able to win these next games and go undefeated . Hats off to you Coach Snyder.

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