America’s Early Christmas Present to Itself!!!

As you all know I intended this blog to heavily lean towards the world of sports, but today I’m writing about something of greater importance for us all.The presidential election this coming Nov. 6th is going to be important to the future of us all , including our kids and grandkids. As children this time of year we always started to share our ideas of what we would want for Christmas. Even after I finish this blog my granddaughter and I are going to work on her Christmas list.If we did not put it on paper we would always have a few ideas in our head in case we were asked  But the real fun was as Christmas approached with the excitement and the anticipation of opening of the gifts Christmas Day. Which would always lead to the ultimate request of being able to open a gift early! Well citizens of the United States this is your chance to give all yourselves early Christmas gifts  this Nov. 6th by re-electing Barrack Obama, President of the United States. This President has in the last four years has lead this nation out of it”s greatest financial difficulties since the Great Depression.After eight years of foreign policy follies of George W. Bush , we have ended one war and are finishing up our involvement in another. The world once again looks to the United Staes to lead. It has opened an era of cooperation in dealing with the problem that nations face together , not the cowboy way of the Bush/Cheney years. But leaving all the political mud throwing behind. I want to be able to live in a nation where my mother, wife , and now my oldest daughter can believe that with a littlehard work   and the opportunity to go to college would open doors to their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families. Think long and hard because only Barrack Obama truly shares those hopes with you. We as a people tried the trickle down theory over 30 years ago and it didn’t work then and it won’t work now. We do not need to rehash the Coolidge/ Harding/ Reagan/ Bush economic policies of the past. Mitt Romney  boasts his achievements as governor of Massachusetts , it’s funny if he did such a great job then why won’t he carry the state on Election Day? Every four years we always hear how important the election is to us, will the experts got it right this time. We as a people will see our hopes and dreams with Barrack Obama. Romney boasts of being a creator of jobs. This is a man while at the head of Bain , bought companies , closed factory doors, sold off there assets , and laid people off from there jobs, and had those jobs sent overseas. The only thing he ever really created was huge profits for investors at Bain. But that”s ok because that’s what businessmen are suppose to do make a profit. But don’t be fooled by the BS that Romney is trying to sell us America.  So please America all I can say let”s all open one big Christmas present together and on Nov. 6th re-elect Barrack Obama President! Thanks.Due to difficulities I was unable to post this before the election. So God bless you and God Bless America!!!

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