Let’s Honor Our Vets!!

With the weekend here we will have three days full of speeches, parades,college football coaches donning fatigues, and don”t forget the time honored tradition of the Macy”s  Veteran”s Day Mattress Sale! All of this to celebrate the U.S. Vet. Not to be blowing my horn at this time but I can be counted as one of those vets . Proudly serving this country from 1981-89. Of course this was done during peacetime so I didn’t have to face the challenges faced in Iraq and Afghanistan .But with that said come this Monday will be the Federal reconized holiday to pay tribute to the American solider, sailor, marine, and airman.But come this Monday this is how we will be honored . We will get up to go to work, our trash won”t be delivered, and our mail won’t be delivered.That”s all made possible by our government because only city, stae, federal employees get that day off. Is that how we truly want to celebrate our veterans. I say no! I”m here to make a suggestion how to truly honor our heroes. First look at the National Day of Giving and corporation sponored days of giving. This to be commended , but also makes great P.R. for the Lowes, Home Depot, and the Best Buys of the world. Secondly , the tragic of  9/11. This a day that will never be forgotten and will be a part of our American DNA. I believe sooner or alter this will also be made into a national holiday. And third our national elections. Every four years we hear how voter turn out is low. And this a right that we enjoy because of those sacfrices our fallen Americans  So I have an idea We roll all these days into one day of National Giving and Remberance. We designate the first Monday in November for this great day. Every four years we would still go to the polls and vote . Afer which yuou would give three to four hours of there time painting a house, cleaning up a park,or what ever activitiy you had volunteered to do . The polls would open up early so you would have a full day to achieve this. After which you would be able to spend the rest of the day with your familyand truly reflect. This will be achieved by all schools being closed, all employees being off with a day of pay. Not just a day off for government workers. It will truly be an American Day. It will take an act of Congress to achieve this loftly goal. But it can aand should be doneBut until then I willbe spending my Vetetran”s Day at work!!. 

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